Monday, March 24, 2008

About The DS Lite Blog and Author.

I own a Nintendo DS Lite, Crimson Black Edition. For me, it's worth every single cent for it. To be honest, I bring my DS literally EVERYWHERE. I love every single bit of it, from the games to the peripherals and the accessories.


What makes me do the DS Lite?
One thing for sure, it's a way to update myself on whatever things revolves around the Nintendo DS world. Mainly the games. The DS has lots of potential despite it has some things that it lacks and not as good as other handhelds.

Why do I like the DS?
Interactivity. The multiplayer games. Able to play with friends. I like the fact that with the DS, you can organize a small gathering every week to play with your buds.

The games. Being Nintendo, fun is part of their vocabulary. Replayability is one thing why I wanted a DS the first place. Some games are worth to play again and again.

Dual Screen. The thing where Nintendo raises the bar for handhelds. Go figure! Touch Screen interaction. Makes you slap your head and say "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!"

My thoughts now.
I hope to bring lots of information about the DS. Game previews, trailers and new accessories available for the DS. Tech news, homebrews and more.

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