Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can't Get Korg DS-10? There's GROOVESTEP!

I mentioned about the upcoming coolness of the KORG DS-10 few post back. You know, the new portable synthesizer where you can make music where ever you go? Some of us might think that this thing will be one hell of a purchase. Look no further as homebrewers will save the day! (and your money. Actually I know you all like free stuff.)

April 7, 2008 - GrooveStep Digital Music Studio is a revolutionary ultra portable music making application for the Nintendo DS. GrooveStep features an easy to use step sequencer for pattern based music making. You can make beats, melodies and full songs with GrooveStep.

That's right. A rival that gives you free. Not as fancy looking but from the looks of it, it nearly resembles the KORG DS-10 functionality. Whatever it is, I'm surely want to try this when it's out.

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