Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nintendo DSi. Region Locked.

The news of the new Nintendo handheld called the DSi shook the world. Nintendo tried so hard to keep this a secret till they revealed it early this month.

A follow up news came up and really tore the heart of Nintendo fans out there.

"DSi software (software that is only compatible with DSi) is region locked, eg: European DSi software can only be played on European DSi consoles."

So it's confirmed. DSi exclusive games and DSi downloadable software will be region locked. Now I have to scratch my head for Japan release only DSi games. What if Japan comes out Ouendan DSi and never be released in other regions? OH THE DRAMA!

Looks like I have to rethink when getting the DSi.



Anonymous said...

You know, Wickipedia said that "It has been reported that the DSi utilizes region locking for DSi-specific software, since it provides Internet services tailored individually for each region, but the DSi itself does not have region lock-outs, so Nintendo DS games from any region can be played."

PatMan said...

As long as this holds true for the games, I am not fussed.

If however, it comes down to not being able to acquire games from the US (Australia often misses out on releases), then I will be giving the DSi the good ol' two-fingered salute. Gaming companies should realize fans miss out a lot because of lame decisions like that.