Monday, May 5, 2008

The World Ends With You - My Verdict

After weeks of hiatus, I'm back. The reason. I was busy with my own things and trying to finish the new Square Enix game, The World Ends With You (TWEWY). The game is AWESOME! I felt rewarded finishing the game.

Why do I like TWEWY?

First of all, the gameplay. They made full use of both screens, kudos for this. Utilizing the touch screen and the D-pad was innovative. Both screens are used for battling, the HP are shared. It's different from other games I've played. Making it difficult for a person to keep track of both screens. That is part of the challenge. You don't need to button mash the whole thing as it only need either 1 direction of the D-pad.

Next, is the placing of the game. Instead of making another new world, they take an existing place and made it an alternate world. And to make the as close to reality in terms of this and that. The story, you have to play it yourself.

The arts in the game are awesome. The characters are awesome. What can I say? Square Enix really made a benchmark for other games to beat.

I recommend to get this game. The story is awesome. The game is fun. The music is great.

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