Saturday, July 5, 2008

Determine if your R4DS is genuine or not.

Important point:

1. After 15 September, Team R4 will do something for the fake card, original program(firmware) with Fake R4 may damage your DS machine (brick), original R4 will have no problem with this program.

2. Make sure you have buy a original R4 (see photo below), if you brick your DS with fake R4, please go ask the selling shop and Team R4 will not admitted this liability.

If this is the genuine R4 package then looks like you guys are somewhat safe.


According to my research the fake R4 using internal memory instead of using a Micro SD card on the genuine but we will know this when someone will end up bricking their DS.

To know more about the fake R4DS, read it in MyDS News.

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Mark W.J. Rank said...

I was under the understanding that all R4 cards are now fake as the original company stopped producing them after Nintendo issued them with a writ!

I might be wrong but that has been my understanding for many years!

There are good R4 clones out there but who do you trust?

Using any third party hardware comes with risks, I use an R4 to play homebrew apps that i write for my own use, I do see the attraction of using it for games, but what if someone wrote something into one of the games and uploaded it to a roms or torrent site and it bricked your DS
it would no longer be a cheap alternative.

from what I see of the box you have posted the image of I would agree this is the same as the box i got on mine, and mine works great for homebrew, however i have never personally used it to play copies of commercially developed roms, but i figure if it works for Homebrew it will work for them providing any copy protection had been bypassed!