Friday, July 4, 2008

R4DS fighting R4DS fakes.


R4DS now battling counterfeits of their own product by bricking your DS when using fake R4 with their new firmware. It will be released on September 15 in order to eliminate competition of the same product under R4's badge, which we know there are some fakes lurking around.

Rumoured said it will damage the DS permanently and trying to restore your bricked DS will be futile. For that Team R4 won't be held responsible and all you can do is seek the people who sold you the R4 cart.

Harsh move by R4, why don't they just make a warning sign or limited gameplay in order to show people that they bought fakes instead of killing of DS? This will make other homebrewers run for other carts. Do you think this is a good move Team R4?

Source from GBATemp.

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