Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ragnarok Online DS for Japan, Winter 2008.

Thanks to one of my friend who told me about this.


During my MMORPG days, Ragnarok Online was one of the online games I played with my pals. Good to know that GungHo brings this thing to the Nintendo DS! I missed this game so much.

As we all know, RODS was never meant to be ONLINE but it supports multiplayer up to 3 people to conquer dungeons.

Here's a summary from what my friend told me.

- Gameplay closely related to the online game on PC.
- Main focus on the offline story.
- Protagonist will be Ares, mild-mannered kid who wants to start his own guild and be an adventurer like his father.
- Takes place in the realm of Rune Midgard.

What you do is:-
- Recruit party members.
- Build up characters to gain new jobs and skills.
- Build up characters to gain new jobs, skills.
- Two brand-new jobs (Dark Knight can do special moves that drain HP, Shaman has various magic skills).

Gameplay will be:-
- Mostly stylus based control.
- Tap to pick up items, attack enemies.
- Draw circles and more for spells.
- Online play: three people team up to take on the Tower of Mirages, a 50 floor random dungeon.

- December 18th 2008 in Japan.
- No US plans yet.

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